For residents

In the drop-down menu, you will find all descriptions of the shelter’s instructions related animals as well as the prices of different operations.


  • check that your animal is microchipped and the datas are entered on an Internet-based national register ( or;
  • do not forget to update your data in the registry whenever your phone numbers or address will change;
  • put on your dog or cat the collar with your primary phone number - sometimes it will prevent your animal access the shelter;
  • do not count on that your 100% indoor animal does not need any identifying tag - the shelters are filled with hundreds of friendly animals that have definitely been someone's own;
  • when choosing a cat collar, insure that it does not become a life threatening to your cat when he climbs on trees and in gardens - when sticking it might hang up the cat.

When your pet is lost:

  • immediately inform nearest shelter;
  • share your image of your lost animal in social media - this is the most effective way today;
  • inform the local postman;
  • put advertisements in places where people can see it (in shops in the countryside, post offices, etc.), but be sure in advance whether this can be done (in the city of Tartu it is not allowed to advertise on bus stops).


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