As a result of the immense workload the running of our shelter requires, it is a necessity that we find volunteers to support those activities for which our shelter workers do not have the time to perform. Primarily, we require volunteers to engage in direct interaction with our animals, to assist with the care of these animals, and to help socialize the animals and get them accustomed to human touch once again.  Quite often moments arise where a helping hand is of the utmost importance and necessity, and we sincerely welcome this assistance in our everyday shelter operations.


  • Grounds keeping (weeding, raking, edging, snow-shoveling)
  • Building and renovation projects (repairing and painting doghouses)
  • Overall cleaning chores inside rooms (washing walls, windows, and floors)
  • Cleaning the animal housing, after being instructed (doghouses, the surrounding area, and cat cages)
  • Caring for animals, after being instructed (combing etc., when necessary)
  • Giving water to the animals (mainly dogs)
  • Walking the dogs on our property and cleaning the doghouses (and surrounding area) – ONLY after our safety training (for more information call +372 5333 9272 on visiting times)


ma armastan aidata